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What Exactly is Vocal.Media?

It’s the New Platform for Writers + Creators

To Emoijah Bridges:

The team at Jerrick would like to thank you for your creative submissions to our network of brands (OMNI, Filthy, Geeks, Longevity, Beat, Journal, Feast, TheSwamp, Proof, and Potent). Thank you!

Our submission process is changing, and we need your help to implement it. We’ve recently launched and added communities to our own platform called “Vocal”. Vocal is the next frontier for Jerrick submissions, as it will continuously be creating a community of not only writers, but of readers interested in exploring your work and personal brand.

Vocal Media? It was a relatively new business, and to say the least – I was appreciative of the letter but apprehensive as well. What is Vocal Media? Is it similar to (created by Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter)

Companies, like Blasting News or Medium allow writers to make make money based on the amount of views for their article. So, I was accomsted to the whole “make money based on traffic” scenario. But, I checked out Vocal Media – and I’m sure, without a doubt, it’ll grow exponentially in the next few years. Why? It’s a unique platform, and plus – freelancers like myself enjoy trying new things and reaching new brands.

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