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Amazon Tap vs Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo itself was pretty impressive in all of its commercials throughout the year – but its new companion? The Amazon Tap. Not surprisingly though – these two products don’t have that much of a difference. Take a look at their features:


Amazon Echo

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Image Courtesy of, “Amazon Echo Review”


A 9 inch speaker that can play all your favorite songs from apps like Pandora, Spotify and Google Play. As the company’s also mentioned, it gives you the ability to control almost your entire home. Ask Alexa to turn off the lights, thermostats, and other things – provided that they’re compatible with the Amazon Echo features.

The awesome thing about the Amazon Echo is that it can answer plenty of questions from you. Basically like a smartphone. And oh – did we mention it can order pizza for you? Question it on the weather, the next NBA game, the traffic… it’s your go-to device.

To use it as a bluetooth speaker, you say “Alexa, pair my phone” and it will do just that. It’s a home-control device and a bluetooth speaker. Not bad. You can find it at Amazon’s main site selling for $180.


Amazon Tap

Image result for amazon tap
Image Courtesy of Droid Life. “Amazon Tap.”

The Amazon Tap is everything with the Echo but with the “added benefit of portability” according to AndroidCentral. Similarly to the Echo, you can use it as a bluetooth speaker and ask it anything. Other functions include managing your smart phone and compatible devices. The Amazon Tap is actually cheaper than the Echo. The Echo is made for your go-to function assistant.

The Tap is everything you’ll need for a bluetooth speaker. And it’s probably the best one out there, too. It’s perfect if you simply want to buy an amazing speaker, a device that allows you to control some functions within your home, and other little things. It’s about $50 cheaper than the Echo – so if you don’t want to spend that extra money, the Tap is really perfect.


Which One is Better?

Sometimes, prices don’t mean everything – but in this case, it does. Amazon did this comparison well. Echo is simply more money because it does more. Amazon Tap, which is a secondhand option, is still a great choice due to its amazing speaker abilities. However, if you’re looking for the “smart speaker” choose Echo. If not, you’re probably be very happy settling with the Tap. It does what it needs to do as a bluetooth speaker.


Featured Image Courtesy of, “Amazon adds the $130 Tap and the $90 Dot to the Echo Family”




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