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Blog Post for Dummies

Blog posts come in a variety of forms and sizes. For example, you’d clearly be able to differentiate between long grueling posts, which clutter up webpages, and short concise posts. So, how do you create the perfect blog post?

Number 1: Concise

 The best posts are not necessarily 1,500 words of content. More people are likely to read a 250 word post than a 1,000 word post. Why? It’s proven. The human brain can only obtain so much information; it’s called a short attention span. Moreover, when people step into your website, blog or whatever platform — they’re not going to want to scroll through a long array of information.

I see it all the time. I visit blog sites that have a fantastic background, web page, etc. — but when I go to read the blog, it’s just so clutter-y. There’s too much content to grasp, and I click out before a blog post takes 15 minutes worth of reading. Is it fair? No. You spend all that time writing and polishing your article for blog, and it generates exactly 1 view (and that happens to be you). You have to give readers what they want — and the majority of the human population will only read for so long.

Number 2: Make catchy headlines


So, how do people even check your posts? What drags them to your content? For many, it’s a fantastic headline that catches their eye. I refer to it as The Big Bold Title. Technically speaking — it is. It’s the first thing readers will see before they click a post or an article. It tells readers the goal and purpose of the article right off the bat. And most people aren’t merely going to settle for just any headline — they want something unique. Something that will hook them. For instance, I see two headlines — one that says “Money Making Strategies for Small Businesses” and “How I Got My Business to Make $10,000 per month.” Which one am I bound to click? Same on you’re choosing. The second headline just grabs my attention so well.

Number 3: Make it Relatable

Make sure your blog posts — and blog, in general, are relatable. People want to read something they can connect to. For example, on my WordPress site — I found that articles relating to social media, e.g “Is Facebook Dying?” and a post about YouTube branding generated the most views.



There are still several other concepts to consider when contributing to a blog or even your own. But setting up concise, eye-grabbing, and relatable post isn’t rocket science! It’s simple – you just have to ensure you’ve followed these 3 main steps.

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