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Starting the Journety

Getting to this point and launching EmoijahBridges dot com is a dream come true. Literally.  Yeah, yeah – I know. It’s just another portfolio site with a blog. But from freelance writing gigs to countless hours researching about blogging – I’m proud to say I’ve established myself quite neatly.

It wasn’t easy, though! In fact, frustration and impatience were my close companions on the journey. I’ve had my successes over the year, as well as my fair share of failures. If this is you, at the so called ‘downward spiral’ of your career, don’t bee too pessimistic about the challenges. After all, believe it or not  – they come with the overall package.

The important thing? Accept failures. Open your eyes, see the light at the end of the tunnel (see, another failure: I can’t break clichés), and persevere. Sometimes, the hardest part of the journey to work at home is the starting  point itself. The daring, bold move to quit your job, risk the unpredictability of freelancing, and begin on a nearly clueless blank slate.

However, you can take risks – don’t be afraid! Dive into my website and I will share my own journey with you – as well as key tips, helpful articles and guidelines.




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