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What are Fidget Spinners? The New Craze Explained

Seriously. What are fidget spinners? Everywhere I go – from my next door neighbor to my boss at work, fidget spinners are becoming apart of people’s daily lives. It’s almost like they’re replacing a few mobile devices. Instead of twiddling their thumbs at the screen, people are twiddling at a spinner.

So, this phenomenon of the fidget spinner is blooming into a definite craze. Forbes even called it a “must-have office toy.” What actually started out as a stress-relieving toy for kids with ADHD, autism, and anxiety has bloomed into yet another trend. Some people have argued that the toy defies its purpose and is actually a distraction.

Contrary to this idea, many people have praised the idea of fidget spinners because they’ve helped students concentrate. And how does that work? Here’s a good idea in an excerpt from an interview displayed at

“Lorber: If you are trying to focus on a task, but your hands are busy doing something else, it actually forces your brain to increase your efforts to focus on the task at hand. That’s how an ADHD mind works.”

Michael Lorber, MD, is a child psychiatrist that was interviewed by WebMd. Of course, despite scientists’ or psychiatrists’ conclusions of these benefits from fidget spinners – many people disagree. Some schools, according to an article from CBS News, are banning the use of fidget spinners (Like wow, not even during lunch time?) It could be simply ridiculous that they’re putting a ban on fidget spinners but not doing anything about cell phones. In fact, schools that do ban cell phones – we all know they’re hidden under the desk or in the bathroom stall anyway. So what does that do to stop kids who want to use this new toy? Is the ban really necessary?

So, a must-have that was initiated to help kids with ADHD and other issues is becoming a growing trend. People will continue to buy them (until the trend burns out). So, the real question to ‘What are Fidget Spinners?’ really lies on who you ask. For some, it’s a toy – other’s it’s a distraction. Or a helping tool. There’s really no right or wrong answer.



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