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5 Things You See with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is practically a phenomenon turned into an overnight trend, but it’s still a steadily growing gadget. People are still buying them and companies are still making them. In fact, you can wait for the new virtual reality gear from HTC or Rift very soon. In no time, these new VR gadgets will be all over the Internet and commercials. The Samsung VR gear you bought from Christmas? That’s old. But for those who every wondered what it’s really like to see through VR – we’ve got a handy list of 10 things.

Ride a Roller Coaster

Image Courtesy of, “5 Top VR Rollercoaster Apps”

Take part in a live roller coaster. One of the best live ones is No Limit 2, which is provided from the OR virtual reality set. The roller coaster can work without the Oculus headset, but it probably won’t be the same experience from the VR glasses. You can pick whatever rollar coaster theme and ride away!

Visit College Campuses

Image result for youvisit vr
Image Courtesy of

Instead of Mom and Dad making a trip to check out a potential school choice, what if you could make that decision from home? Checking out YouVisit, which is compatible with the Google Cardboard and the Oculus Rift, you can visit every part of the college campus you choose.

Feel free to poke your head inside doorm rooms, ‘ooh and awe’ at the tall buildings, and get a feel for the campus. Youvisit also includes countless pictures and videos of universities and colleges.

Watch a Movie on the Big Screen

Image result for watch movie vr
Image courtesy of, “Samsung Gear VR Preview”

The Samsung GalaxyS6 Edge and Note will allow you to put on your VR gear (the headset) and watch project movies on a theater-like screen. This feature is called ‘The Void.’ It’s perfect because it gives you an at-home theater setting to make you feel quite cozy and comfortable.

Go Virtual Racing

Image result for vr racing
Image courtesy of

This feature is practically perfect for gamers. It’s always great to be a part of a game that offers a ‘real-like’ setting or features. Virtual racing features Project Cars and Assetto Corsa.

Project Cars has an amazing feel to it. You can hear the engines squealing beside you and get a taste of reality from the great graphics. Beware of everything racing past you! The trees, buildings, etc. – you’ll probably be dizzy after a while of this game.

Assetto Corsa is simply different from Project Cars. Some like Assetto Corsa better while others much prefer Project Cars. Corsa features real life footage of the racing track and other background settings while you’ll racing. So, not all of it is animation.

Play VR Shooter Games


Image result for vr shooter games
Image courtesy of, “Epic Games’ new shooter is virtual reality.”

Another great feature for video gamers. The VR shooter games are always great because guess what? They’re virtual reality – they’re as real and close up as you can get!

The Bullet Train, from Epic Games, will allow you to throw out the bad guys. It’s set in a urban city. VR shooter games also include the Zombie Shooter, which is well – about zombies as you would assume. It’s perfect for VR beginners as you could find it on the App Store for free.




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