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Is The Samsung Galaxy Water-Resistant? Waterproof?

Samsung has released the specs and information for practically everything you need to know about the new smartphone. For starters, the trending question people are asking – “Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 water-resistant?’ – is answered.

There’s a Ingress Protection rating system that’s used to test the water-resistance and dust-resistance of devices. For the Samsung Galaxy S8, it received a 6 for dust-resistance  – which is the highest level – and an 8 for the water-resistance. These are pretty impressive numbers, and this level of water-resistance ensures that the S8 can be swallowed by about 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes.

Not bad. This is a pretty decent definition of water-resistance. However, the even bigger question – is it waterproof? And the answer is no. Waterproof means the device is completely unaffected by water, and this simply cannot be said about the new S8. If this was true, you could practically put the S8 in water much more deeper than 1.5 meters.

But let’s not shy away from the discussion of waterproof smartphones. In a few years maybe, we may be seeing Apple (or Samsung) wow the world with phones that could be practically dumped in toilets. The technology these days is updating rapidly, so it would really be no surprise if they come out with a waterproof smartphone very soon. 

(Featured Image courtesy of Sana at, “Galaxy S8 to have IP68 rating for dust and water resistance”)



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