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Why T.E.A.M. is so Important

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Teamwork. It’s everywhere. This vital ingredient to success is incorporated in nearly every aspect of our daily lives – whether it’s running a business, completing a project or dealing with co-workers. The value of teamwork goes beyond its role in winning competitions or being a part of a sports team. It’s what builds a business or –  unfortunately, for many, breaks one. And that’s bad news for entrepreneurs. Business owners rely on collaboration and teamwork.

In fact, a study done by Clear Company found that “Businesses with effective communication are 50% more likely to have lower employee turnover.

So, why is teamwork so important? And why do many companies and businesses owners struggle to manage it? Well, collaboration is key. A business may seem like a “one man show” especially considering the entrepreneur or CEO, but it isn’t.

Here’s one way to look at it:

It’s a Foundation

A team is what built a business, and a team is what keeps that business going. Similarly, a house is built by a foundation and every part – the bricks, footing, and gravel keep it standing. Building a house takes the determination of construction workers, the genius of architects and many other important people. So, from the bottom – whether it’s the seemingly “less important” employees or co-workers, they’re really a part of a business’ foundation. Oftentimes, lack of teamwork in the workplace results from tensions and different class levels. While someone is ‘manager’ or the other person is ‘key contributor,’ thinking that someone else is better or more desirable can create serious issues. Instead of thinking as a team, the employees are now fending for themselves and their own positions.

Another way to motivate teamwork?

It’s a Better Way to Get Things Done

For example, getting a project done back in school would take days – if not weeks to complete. But, having a good partner or team would take off some of that stress. Enhancing collaboration and having strong teamwork ensures more work will be done. That means it’s not just about workers dividing tasks among themselves – it’s about everyone working together for the big goal. A team will be able to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently rather than a lone worker.

Ideas Will Come to the Table

Entrepreneurs have big ideas and thoughtful plans. However, they don’t manage to do it all by themselves. Ask the founder of Instagram. Before Kevin Systrom launched one of the best social media apps on the planet, his sidekick Mike Krieger was there to share his ideas and support him. Those two, as well as many other billionaire entrepreneurs, will tell you – it just doesn’t happen from thin air. It takes a team.

With teamwork, people can release their ideas and get ideas from other people. It’s a two-way street. After all, isn’t that what collaboration is about?

Everything Will Run Smoothly

Probably the simplest and most logical answer, concerning the importance of teamwork in the workplace, is that a business will run so much smoother. There won’t be any yelling at employees, spewing insults at co-workers, or trying to stress all over individual tasks. Strong teamwork just makes life so much easier. The evidence is all around us – the collaboration of team players to win a championship or even the people behind the counter giving out food. Businesses are stronger with teamwork, and entrepreneurs rely on support.

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