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Medium vs WordPress: Which Platform is Better?

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Medium vs WordPress. This isn’t a new debate, as far as bloggers and writers are concerned – especially emphasizing the bold similarities between the two. I’ve used two of these platforms so far, and I can speak from experience – they’re are very similar but offer different features as well.

So, which one is better? Well, to put it simply – it depends. I started with WordPress because I had articles and written work I wanted to get out in the open. I wanted the world to see “Emoijah’s work.” In a way, it worked – but sort of. Let me explain – my goal of introducing the world to my opinionated blog posts, thoughts on corrupt political leaders and my foggy future was awarded with 1 follower. It’s true my goal was to get views, but it just didn’t work that way. I didn’t have enough connections.

As for Medium, I had a similar goal but more experience. Medium was definitely easier and clean-cut. Simply creating my profile and adding a post was something I could definitely include as a part of my weekly schedule. Moreover, I was able to attain a wide audience and connect with other readers, who I inspired and simultaneously they inspired me.

But, WordPress still served me big time. Why? Because, with my freelance writing business, I was able to launch a fantastic website. It served as a portfolio of my recent work and showcase of my business.

So, I find WordPress to be the better platform for freelancers and small businesses. This is one advantage for WordPress in the WordPress vs Medium debate. As for Medium, I think it’s such a great alternative for someone to share personal articles and musings of our society.

As far as convenience, I’d say Medium is a lot easier to use. Why? It’s fast to learn. Although WordPress isn’t a coding platform or a website that will take you hours to understand, Medium does offer a simple way to blog. WordPress is about making a blog or launching a website, while Medium is about sharing a blog.

In the end, I find both platforms to be genius ways for passionate writers and bloggers to share their work to the world. The debate for Medium vs. WordPress is difficult – but at least figuring out your purpose or goal is a first step.

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