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Why I Don’t Write for BlastingNews

My Introduction to Blasting News

I heard plenty of things about Blasting News from other freelancers, writing websites and a handful of clients. The tea? You could make money, gain a reputable profile, and be free to do as you please. Write about what you want to write about – and watch the money roll in. Easy right? Well, that’s what I assumed at first.

When I found more information about Blasting News and did a bit of exploring through their website, I was quite enthusiastic to sign up and set up an account. Within hours, I was generating content and spinning up a few articles. The result? Rejected. Now, I’ve been rejected before (plenty of times – professionally and personally, trust me), but I simply couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get ONE article posted on Blasting News.


The first feedback? Change the headlines. Don’t add any links to other websites but Blasting News. Don’t begin the article with a list or bullet points. Add 2-3 keywords per paragraph. Honestly? The feedback was honest and understandable. I updated my articles a few times, to coincide with their preferences, but it simply didn’t make the cut.

An article I did on Beyonce’s new twins was rejected by Blasting News, but after posting it on my website – it gained a hit number of views on that same day. So, fact is – my efforts weren’t wasted trying to get content to By posting the rejected article on my website (because I still loved it so much), I gained more traffic and got my website out there.


I was happy. But that was after much frustration. My primary goal with signing up for Blasting News was to make money doing what I love. But there were two things I realized about #1 You don’t make a lot of money with Blasting News. Sure, you can earn a few bucks to your account and get your name out there. But honestly? The time I invested in creating articles and then editing them to perfection (their perfection, obviously) was too much for me. My efforts wouldn’t equal my earnings.

My second realization? #2 Blasting News keeps freelancers like me restricted. Okay, fine – my opinion is quite biased. But this is another reason I left Blasting News. Despite the initial feeling of “freedom” and generating whatever content I wanted – I simply didn’t feel free with Blasting News. I was restricted. For an independent blogger like myself – who’s constantly creating blog posts and updating my websites – I’m better off alone.


So, there it is. My opinion and critique of Blasting News spilled out. Sure, I still love the website and I do include its content with my daily digest of reading. It’s great for other writers and bloggers, because they’re able to make extra change. But for me? You know, I just couldn’t write for them anymore. I guess that’s the tough decision for an independent freelancer like myself.

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