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Why Businesses Need More People Like Us

Hi, my name is Emoijah Bridges. Blogger, web designer, researcher… yeah, yeah – you get the idea. Chances are – you’re here either as a client, freelancer or a small business owner looking for some handy advice. And guess what? I have it.

I started out applying to cheap content mill and bidding sites in search of work. About a year later, I quit doing that. Why? I decided I was worth it. I said, “I am a professional freelancer who does quality work, meets prompt deadlines, and has a trustworthy relationship with clients. And I don’t need cheap work to prove that. 

I moved away from the general freelance writing, contributing everything from doggy posts to articles for tech website (even though there’s nothing wrong with that). I decided to set up my own website and ensure it had one niche: tips and advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Businesses like that. They want someone who’s experienced in one or a few things – they want people like us. 

First of all, “us” are those who are freelancers with a specific niche, goal, and savviness to go boldly independent. We are not defined by sites like Upwork or; we’re not Upwork writers.” We are our own writers (or web developers, bloggers, whatever you call yourself).

In addition, the benefit of hiring freelancers from seeing their own websites, networking with them, or having a referral is the fact that this displays independence and freedom. To emphasize, you don’t need to look at their portfolio or past reviews from clients on bidding sites like Upwork or Freelancer (to name a few). You simply look at their website or blog, and see for yourself their kind of writing style and principles.

Websites, that freelancers have created to showcase their services, automatically scream Independent. And why not have people like that to work for a business? Ask yourself as an employer: Do you want someone from a bidding site to contribute work or a self-reliable freelancer that profits in one niche? Perhaps a few business owners don’t mind bidding sites to hire freelancers for cheap. But then again – too many loose ends and complications with those kinds of sites.

Trust us. A business owner shouldn’t have to go through the hassle of bidding sites to find a great freelancer. In fact, I invite employers/business owners to hire people like me. Why? Our portfolio is right in front of you. Our blog, website, past work – it’s all there. All the person needs to do is simply call (or network, link via social media, email…you get the idea)

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