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Does Weebly Work for Bloggers?

Attempting to Find an Alternative to WordPress

For a brief period of time, I decided to switch from WordPress and find other alternatives. Why? WordPress is expensive to invest in. Plus, after finding out a few great sites from successful bloggers (such as,  I knew not every blogger required WordPress. So, for the next few days – I tried Joomla, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace (and yes, WordPress again) to create my site

To get it out of the way, first – I don’t like any of these sites besides maybe Weebly and definitely WordPress (even though it’s expensive). I decided to try out to create my new portfolio site. My first thoughts from viewing the front page? I loved it! Weebly offered a nice, sleek design and customizable buttons (free) to link to other pages or posts.

My Experience

However, Weebly didn’t have a customizable blog. What do I mean? For a blogger like myself, who’ll be constantly updating articles and generating content for my site – Weebly didn’t work for me. Why? Sure, I could type in my blog – but where was the featured image option? The excerpts option?

I was very disappointed with Weebly’s blog customization. I had already been adjusted to my home page, and briefly – I was excited to use it because of the gorgeous theme design. Ultimately, though, I was unable to use Weebly due to the unattractive blog features.

Therefore, I moved back to WordPress. So, my lesson learned: Despite the investment, time, and expendable efforts to pour in for WordPress – it was simply the best option for me as a blogger. But for other freelancers or entrepreneurs? I wouldn’t count Weebly out.

Why for Weebly?

  • You can create a beautiful one-page site for a portfolio or to sell your services
  • It can be used to create a great online store
  • Weebly’s Starter Plan is a bit cheaper than WordPress

Why Not for Weebly?

So, why shouldn’t Weebly be used? Here are a few reasons:

The Stater Plan

Honestly, the Premium Plan for WordPress vs The Stater Plan on Weebly is only a few dollars more on an annual basis. Plus, with the WordPress plan – you get free premium themes and other great features. The Startup plan for Weebly is mainly to obtain your own custom domain name.

It’s not for bloggers

I know, I know. Many other bloggers will fight me on this – but I simply couldn’t find Weebly to meet my blogging needs. On the contrary, as I mentioned before, many successful bloggers use other sites like Weebly instead of WordPress to set up their own blog. However, I find there are too many complications to set up (and generate content) for a Weebly blog.

Template Customization is Limited

Adding new features or introducing a few to a theme results in slow optimization. In addition, for the current theme I obtained – I was only able to customize the main areas such as font or headings. However, I did like the theme options as compared to WordPress.


So, did I end up using WordPress? Yes – again, I switched back. Honestly, I was simply investigating  alternates to the #1 Website Builder for Bloggers (hint, hint* WordPress). Now, a few of my colleagues believed I “wasted time trying to use Weebly and all those other sites” but did I really waste my time? No – I wasn’t fruitless with the hours I spend trying new website builders. They were a learning experience – and one I could share with readers like you!

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  1. Great observations about the differences between Weebly and WordPress. It appears Weebly is adding more and more ‘apps’ to their platform to compete with WordPress ‘plugins’, however, they have a ways to go. Weebly is much more suitable for those ‘drag and drop’ builders who don’t want to fight with templates. Thanks for the great post!


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