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Fans of Your Blog Come First; Not Ads

The beginning question for every blogger setting up their site is this: “How can I make money from my blog?” The answer isn’t simple – neither is the concept of trying to get earnings from blogging. A very popular method for making money with blogging is by using affiliate sales or advertisements.

But many beginning bloggers, and even others who’ve been around for a while, struggle to make money due to incomprehension of this topic. They think, “Oh, so let me sign up for an ads program, plop up a few ads – and watch the money roll in!” No – it doesn’t work that day. I even thought this way, when I was beginning, but I quickly escaped this bubble of imagination.

Sure, making money from advertisements is possible – but it shouldn’t be the initial method for any blogger. Why? The most important thing, after setting up your blog, and generating useful content, is connecting with your readers. After all, they’re the ones loyal to your blog or posts right? Typically the ones that share your articles, or keep coming back for more information are your loyal readers. Your readers will be the key to making money from blogging.

So, put yourself in your readers’ shoes. Would you want to see a bunch of flashing ads?


Or do you simply want to read the content? I know, for myself, I am going to turn away from a blog after finding ads everywhere. Why? It’s distracting. And unprofessional.

Occasionally, bloggers may have an affiliate link to a product or service they love or recommend – because that’s useful. For instance, any link to a website or service I post on is because I wholly recommend it or find it useful. I won’t bore or disappoint my readers by providing a link to a site or product, and then try to spin off a advertising paragraph.

In addition, the concept of making money from advertisements is a hell of a complication. Why? There’s these things called CPM (cost per thousand), or making money per impression for the advertisement. Not only would it be someone paying to have their ad on your website, but it’s also about the readers’ actions. Are they going to click the ad or ignore it? Are they going to complete the action or click out?

If you have set up your blog, and you know for sure nobody’s going to click on that random ad you’ve set up – don’t do it. You’re basically wasting space on your blog. So, what do you do you do to make money? Well, try selling you or your services. If you’re a blogger, add a Hire Me Tab to attract clients from all over.

Sell YOU!

The most important thing, however, is to think about your readers. The ones that keep coming back for more exciting content will be the key for you to start earning money from blogging. What do I mean by that? Well, if they like your blog and posts – then they’ll continue to visit. That way, you can explore more options like informing them with e-books (you can create free e-books easily and make money) or start setting up payments for “exclusive content for your blog.”

Alternative options for making money from blogging, instead of setting up ads, may be a far-stretch – but it’s not impossible. You can do it! If you have a loyal readership, then take advantage of that. And if you don’t? Worry about getting readers (or keeping ones) first before anything else.

Other than that – good luck, bloggers!


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