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How Much is Too Much for Getting Your Website Built

As a web developer and designer, this may be a sensitive topic to discuss – but I want to get this question out of the way for all my clients and colleagues (freelancers, too): How much is too much for getting a website built? Why? I hate to see hardworking business owners or beginning entrepreneurs waste their money for trying to get a project done. And one very important project is getting your website built.

There’s a wide range of pricing for getting a website built these days. Just post a project on Freelancer or Upwork and you’ll see. For instance, a friend I knew put up a task for someone to build her Weebly website, and freelancers on Upwork placed bids anywhere from $50 to $750. Wow. That’s a humongous gap.

Now, business owners may assume “go halfway through” or in this case – the median – which is about $300-$400. But that’s not always the case. Of course, in my opinion, to build this particular website – $50 was very cheap and $750 was simply too much. A freelancer asking for $50 to build any website is either starting out clueless, offers trashy work, or simply okay with charging pennies. Now for $750, to build this simple website my friend was asking, this was too much. Why? It was a portfolio site – a one page introduction for her potential clients.

Since you’re probably squirming in your seat or scrolling down to find out “How much did she pay?!” – I’ll tell you. She paid $200 to get her website done. Some people say that’s cheap, others…well, you know – everyone has their own opinion. When I spoke with her, I thought she got a great deal with this particular freelancer. The work = the price.

When trying to find out how much to pay to get your website built: I’d simply ask “What is it that I need?” For instance, here are a few important questions to jot down the answers to:

  • Do I need a freelancer that can develop my website and its content (the writing)?
  • How much is my budget?
  • What kind of website do I want? Is it one-page, several pages, a portfolio site, etc.?
  • What other business owners, similar to myself, charging?

You may not have the answers to all your questions just yet – but that’s okay. As long as you’re able to brainstorm a few and develop your own questions, you’ll get a better idea of how much to pay for website building.

Paying for a website to get done always depends on what type of website it is. For instance, to create content for the About Page, Home Page, Services, etc. for a previous client – I charged $150. For developing and designing the website itself – it was simply $200. The whole package? $350.

I figure out my prices based on the platform the client uses (do they want WordPress, Weebly, or what?), what kind of business they’re in (not always, but often), and how much they’re asking for. For this particular client, who is a Wedding and Event Planner – it was a simple project. Change her bullet points and rough drafts for the About Page, Home Page, etc. and turned them into concise, readable content I could put on the website. And then – design the website.

For other business owners, it may be different. They may want to pay less or more. But you are the ultimate decider. If you post projects on job platform sites, you’ll be able to see a portfolio of the freelancer’s work as well as how much they charged. I always recommend looking at their past work – this gives you a better sense of their style. Following these tips and guidelines can definitely help you find out how much to pay to get your website built.

If you’re still not sure how much to pay for getting a website done, hit me up here! I can answer any questions that you have. But hopefully – you’ve gotten a better grasp of what’s reasonable and not reasonable for getting a website built.

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