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Why I Only Use GoDaddy to Purchase Domains

There are many domain sites out there – and Godaddy is #1 (it’s a fact). More people purchase domain names on Godaddy than anywhere else. And I do, too! Why? Unless I’ve set up a WordPress site, signed up for Bluehost, or have my blog ready to go – I use Godaddy to go ahead and buy my domain before anyone else does. And you should, too.

The Truth about Namecheap, 1an1, and Other Cheap Domain Sites





You may be able to get a .com, a .net, and a .org all for the same price you get a .com from GoDaddy, but I wouldn’t recommend using sites like Namecheap or 1and1. You’ll be able to buy your domain, but that’s it. With GoDaddy, you can connect to your site from WordPress or other website builders. (GoDaddy even has its own website builder, but I don’t use it).

I can speak from secondhand experience with cheap domain sites. For example, a client I built a website for purchased her domain on The next day, after attempting to connect it to WordPress, her site was down and came to an Error page. I don’t know what happened! I recommended she return the purchase or try to connect the nameservers. She was unsuccessful.

This could be you! Don’t do it. Perhaps there are other decent domain sites out there, but I only use Godaddy. Of course, there are many successful business owners that have purchased from Namecheap or other sites, and they’ve connected their website just fine. But it’s complicated. Buying from cheap domain platforms and then trying to connect your developed website is a headache.

Why I Use GoDaddy

I use GoDaddy when I haven’t set up a website and I want to ensure I have a domain before anyone else does. I don’t have to use GoDaddy for all my sites. For instance, I knew no one was thinking about owning, so it wasn’t necessary for me to go ahead and purchase this on GoDaddy. I simply set up, and when I was ready – I switched to WordPress Premium Plan to obtain my own custom domain.

When YOU Should Use GoDaddy

If you haven’t set up a site yet, but you want to obtain your domain – go ahead and purchase it with GoDaddy. That way, when you your website is ready to be published, you can easily connect it to the platform you used (whether it’s WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc.). In addition, you’ll have to change the nameservers, add a domain you already own, and a few other things to connect your domain to your website. Once that’s said and done – your website is ready to go!

When You Don’t Need GoDaddy

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Let’s say you’ve set up your WordPress site and you’re planning on either joining the Premium Plan or using Bluehost to host it. (This also would apply to other website builders). At this point, you pay WordPress to obtain your domain – you don’t need Godaddy. For example, by setting up and using Bluehost, you automatically get your custom domain.

The main goal with paying for a custom domain with Godaddy is making sure you get it before anyone else does. That way, if you haven’t set up your site yet – you can still ensure the domain name is yours.


So, ready to build your website? Or more likely – ready to buy the domain? Now that you’re informed with when and when not to use GoDaddy, and why you should use it – I can guarantee you’ll have a fantastic website up and running. Plus, if you ever have issues with connecting GoDaddy to your website or you’re unsatisfied for whatever reason, they offer 24/7 support (it’s true!) and plenty of helpful articles. That’s how I got started and that’s how my sites keeps on running!

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