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Do I Need a .Com, a .Org, and a .Net?

Many business owners automatically set up a .com custom domain, but other extensions have raised opportunities. For instance, several successful entrepreneurs have bought a .com, a .org, and a .net all together. But, how do you know which extension (s) to set up? Well, first of all – basic knowledge of the extension meanings will come in handy.

What They Mean

Here’s a breakdown (which most business owners probably know, anyway) of what each domain extension means.

.Com – the most popular extension means commercial use. It is used for most websites that hope to earn money, gain traffic, get customers, etc. I always recommend this extension as a first step in the process.

.Net stands for network. This should not be a first extension for your business if you’re looking to make money. Why? Think of the popular .net sites you can think of. Many of them are non-profit organizations, school sites, or a source for information or other things.

.Org is commonly used for campaigns and non-profit organizations. It helps represent a community of people or bring awareness.

Of course, there are other domain extensions to consider – but these are the main ones most business owners are concerned about.

When You Should Use More than One Domain

You should use more than one domain if you wish to establish a brand name. For instance, take a look at Problogger. This website has helped tons of bloggers and gains quite a traffic everyday. The mastermind behind Problogger, Darren Rowse, owns a, a, a, and a 

If you go to any of these website addresses, of course, if will all link to  Maybe you don’t need all those domain extensions but it was a genius way for Darren Rowse to protect his trademark.

How To Decide

I’d say, before you go ahead and purchase all those domain extensions, start with a .com first. And ponder (for a while) your goals for your business, where you think it will take you, and how you’ll take advantage of a .com, .org, .net, etc. Think about the meanings, and refer to the breakdown I provided. For instance, “Will my website provide a network for people to connect (a .net)? Once you answer these questions, I’m sure you’ll have come to a conclusion for your website extension.

It takes time to decide a domain extension for some business owners. Don’t rush the process; take all the time you need! But honestly? Don’t worry too much about buying a .com, a .net, and a .org all at once. Most domain sites, such as GoDaddy, offer a full refund after 30 days. So use those 30 days to take advantage of experimenting, pondering some more, and doing additional research. It will pay off.




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