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Why a Blog is Essential for Your Business

You need a blog. You’ve probably heard this phrase so many times it isn’t news. But for some business owners – the reasons for owning a blog is news. Many small business owners question owning a blog because a) they’re not too skilled with writing b) time is of the essence or c) they don’t have enough money to pay a blogger.


Starting a blog can really make or break your business. It’s the same thing with your activity on social media and how you stay in contact with potential or past clients. Blogging is another way potential clients can see you’re constantly tuning your website. On the world wide web, there are countless sites which have been failed attempts. They sit up there pretty and appealing but little do viewers know – the site owner has vanished. When people come to your website and see you’ve published a post last week or within a short period of time, this shows you’re alive and thriving alongside your business.

Blogging doesn’t even need to be a daily thing. Weekly blog posts or even bi-weekly posts are adequate for your small business. Another reason why blogging is such a great way to promote your business is that it keeps clients updated with your current actions and it can reveal qualifications.

For me, my business blog is used to show how I am qualified as a website developer or blogger. When I reveal my resume, I usually add an article like “What is SEO” or “How to Set up Nameservers for Your WordPress Site” so clients can see I am well qualified and I have more than adequate background knowledge.

 Blogging lets clients know you’re qualified, you’re continusouly updating your site, and you’re well engaged with your audience

Blogging is all about engaging with the client and that’s essential for gaining business or continuing it.

Blogging Improves Your SEO!


The great thing about owning is blog is that it improves your Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of using certain keywords or phrases on you blog so you can rank high on Google and gain clients. This is essential for potential clients to find you on not only Google but other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

To gain more familiarity with and information on SEO, check out this article “What is SEO?”

Setting Up Your Blog

You can set up your blog on WordPress or Wix. If you have trouble with the setup process, check out some articles form my business blog. Now, maintaining the blog is the tricky part. You have a small business and you don’t want to want to spend a lot of time blogging or a lot of money for a professional blogger.

…But there’s me!

I charge a flat fee for blog posts at $15-$20. For small business owners, I know maintaining the blogging is the hard part so I also have a plan where I’ll blog and create newsletters for $95 a month. That’s around 5 blogs per week and one or two newsletters weekly. It ensures clients you’re constantly engaged with them.

Check out my Services and Fees here and good luck with your blogging!

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