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You can hire me for various tasks related to my niches: blogging, researching, and creating/designing websites. I have created content for many websites and blogs. Here’s my portfolio:

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Blog Posts

Find on,, Mircale Movers (, my business blog and more

Buying a WordPress Theme;
Don't Hesitate Start Online Business
Don’t Hesitate to Start an Online Business;
Why Team Work is Important;
Following a Packing Checklist Part 3;

What is SEO?, How to Set Up Nameservers for Your WordPress Site, Does Weebly Work for Bloggers?

Check out my site Savvy and Beautiful for blog posts on beauty and hair

Research/News Articles

Is Facebook Dying? Posted on Linkedin

The French Election: How it Works and Who’s Going to Win –

Websites Built

Will Bridges Entertainment; Musician and Business Owner: 

Savvy and Beautiful (My own site)

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