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Having a page of resources and links is always helpful for any business owner. Entrepreneurs need answers to many questions like “What graphics should I use for my site?” or “Which website hosting is best?” Here’s a great list of helpful links to help you build and manage your site.

Best sites for royalty free images:

Best Website Hosting

For website hosting, I completely and wholly recommend BlueHost. Why? It’s the #1 hosting for WordPress sites and it’s easy, convenient, and affordable. Once you sign up with Blue Host, you automatically obtain a custom domain.

Best Website Builders

I assume by stating “Hey, WordPress is the best website builder” – this would be sort of biased. But, for me – I have tried other website builders and WordPress works the best for me. Partly because I am a blogger as well. WordPress has so many ways you can advance your profile and business to the World Wide Web for free and low prices. You can also use Wix or Weebly – a couple of other great website builders.

Find Work with these Job Platforms

Upwork: Formerly referred to as Odesk – is a great source to find plenty of jobs. In fact, this site introduced me to my first freelance work – and I continue to use it for funding.

Freelancer: Millions of  freelancers are bidding on this website – so it’s very competitive. First come – first serve. That’s what I always refer to with As Freelancer mentions itself – there has been over a million jobs posted. You can easily find a range of work here. I recommend this site for bloggers, article writers and content creators. A few website designing jobs are available.

Remote: A site mainly for bloggers and article writers.

Problogger: Hence the name, this is a job market plentiful for blogging jobs.


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